Oops this kills - 1st SC (4:0)

qvm 1698

This deck was undefeated in four rounds of Swiss at the DracheNäscht store championship. I chose to play Leela in the 3-cut final.

My local meta knows that I usually play Jinteki Glacier, like at a SC two weeks earlier Panana Banana. To surprise my friends, I thought I'd spice it up a little with kill.

Film Critic is at a low point right now. Almost nobody plays it (except Smoke), and those who do usually cannot break Sadaka. Besides Film Critic, Sadaka has great targets in most matchups. Punitive is online!

The best kill came from when Freedom stimhacked my remote with four cards in hand. That meant that he wouldn't be able to steal Obokata Protocol. I rezzed an Aiki, and my opponent happily bid 1 to draw two extra cards. This way he got the Obokata Protocol, and I got the kill.