Stabby Maxx - 4th Gent GNK

Cluster Fox 511

This is basically @nemamiah 's Stabby Foxx deck (which I believe is originally based on a deck by @Tugtetgut). I swapped out Trickster Taka for Bhagat and a Hacktivist Meeting for an Immolation Script. Fun to play, can be brutal and oozes money. Went 1-3 on the day though, probably due to a few misplays but also difficult matchups. In hindsight would probably swap the Data Folding for I've Had Worse.

GAME 1 vs Bram (Biotech): Checked Archives too early, stole 6 points and proceded to get Punitive Counterstriked.
GAME 2 vs Theoneakaneo (Outfit): Remote lock and milling 15+ cards with Maw and Baguette won me the game.
GAME 3 vs FREDPI (Chronos): Very unfortunate Maxx mills. Lots of net damage + Salem's wore me down and I ran out of cards.
GAME 4 vs SmokElmo (Titan): He had perfect draw. I made it difficult for him with an early Maw, but was 1 credit short to trash a RecoCo and that got him an Atlas with two counters. Choo choo.
8 Apr 2019 FREDPI

Was a fun Game! Bhagat just kept milling himself, would have been a different game if he had come down early.

Salem's Hospitality is a good card when you know what they have put back with Labor Rights.

Thanks for the games!

8 Apr 2019 Cluster Fox

I got betrayed by the baguette! :D Yeah I preferred our first game but both were definitely interesting!

8 Apr 2019 FREDPI

Baguette it is the only correct pronunciation, make you feel sophisticated

9 Apr 2019 Cluster Fox

Mais oui!