Immolation Script

Immolation Script 0[credit]

Event: Run
Influence: 3

Run Archives. If successful, whenever you would access a faceup piece of ice in Archives this run, you may instead trash 1 rezzed copy of that ice. Use this ability only once this run.

The most potent scripts are indistinguishable from magic to the sysop on the other side.
Illustrated by Hannah Christenson
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Chrome City (cc)

#41 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
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Chrome City

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Due to the sheer amount of ice in the game, many corps are currently only running 2x copies of any given ice, there are however exceptions. Data Raven, Pop Up Window, Eli, Bronze, Silver, Curtain Wall, Fire Wall and Lotus field. These cards are key players in-faction (Frequently run outside, in fewer numbers) and are often run in Triples, they are also complete Btds to deal with.

Immolation Script is perfect for dealing with them, winning itself two places in all my Anarch deck.

Things it works well with

  • Hacktivist Meeting: That current event all Anarchs are running.

  • Wanton Destruction.

  • Cutlery

  • Parasite

  • Keyhole

  • Utopia

One thing I must point out from playing, is that this card tends to float around in your grip for quite a while, until the opportune moment. This is totally Un-Anarch and quite counterproductive to the play style.

Oh, and it can't kill Architect, another card that's very common in multiples


(Chrome City era)
It also works well with Noise, (although not current builds), Imp, and is surprisingly good with Hemorrhage. Everyone chucks 'spare' ICE —

Seems like it could be a niche role-player in a runner deck that want to run a lot for s using things like Desperado or bad publicity credits from Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe (though your bad-pub credits don't stick around; you can hopefully use them on a run and trash ice here).

You'll need to be forcing the corp to put cards in archives here though by encouraging over-draws or milling though so there will be times when this is a dead card due to lack of a pair of ice to work on (one in archives and one rezzed). For that reason I think, while this could be strong against decks with lots of (ideally expensive) ice, it has limited broad utility as it likely a dead card against low-ice decks.

(Written June 2, 2015 soon after release of this data pack.)

(Chrome City era)
It won me a few games in Regionals, which helped me get into the top 8. I only run a singleton, but it is a nasty surprise and icing on the cake for keyhole/wanton. —
This card is actually more devastating against low ice decks. Generally those decks run 3 copies of each of their ICE, and being a Noise player who runs a lot, this card is amazing when they only have 10 or so ICE in their deck. —
An ice on archives is not that common. That's why this card is amazing with Keyhole !!! —
Keyhole, yes, also The Twins —

I think this card is very situational counter for the NEXT ICE heavy HB decks or just any corporation who try to bring more than two copies of ICE. NEXT Bronze and NEXT Silver always had problems with decks build around ICE destruction (like, most Anarch decks), and after Parasite, Spooned and Knifed, Immolation Script is just the last nail to the NEXT's coffin.

It's not that useful against other ICE suites, but in right circumstances it will make corporations cry.

NEXT ICE are one of my favourite ICE to play and I think Immolation Script is just rude.

(Chrome City era)