Borrowed annoying SYNC mk2, Minneapolis, MN (Mead Hall SC)

Grosseteste 195

Another iteration on lostgeek's SYNC deck, which due to nerves and bad shuffles didn't do as well this time around, to the point where I don't think I got any useful information about the deck changes (IP Block switched out for Eli 1.0, and a cheeky Chronos Project swapped in for one of the kitties). Any further testing and iteration might be online.

First matchup was vs Leela, and I just kept drawing for ice and getting agendas. My opponent pitied me once he figured out what was going on. This was mirrored in a side bounty match later in the day, which made me seriously question my shuffling technique.

Second matchup was vs Jesminder, I drew a lot again but got some ice this time (along with a bunch of agendas); my opponent's skill, my nerves, and the fact that Jesminder did not care about the ice I did get set out (also he had a Misdirection in hand after my first HHN) resulted in a quick loss.

Third matchup was vs Liza, put down with High-Profile Target turn 3 or 4.