I Forgot Gen Pav Was A Card (3-2, 18th @ CoS 2023)

anarchomushroom 757

Basically my Bladder IG list but I went -1 Front Company, +1 Genetics Pavilion. The reasoning behind the change is largely to do with the fact I forgot GP was a card until I was sleeving the deck before leaving and FC was an easy cut. Deck fucken bangs, I beat Whizzard, Hayley, and Sable, and lost to Whizz and Andy. I think moving forward, this deck should be on 3 Bac Prog, 2 TFP, and 2 Fuji.

Main event was a dud, but CoS was a blast. Thanks to my opponents and the eternal sickos for being sick.

18 Oct 2023 Zerothmaxima


18 Oct 2023 CobraBubbles

Sickos unite! Was glad to dodge this matchup with Deva combo, Bladderwort and Bio Ethics are very scary

20 Oct 2023 Inactivist

Sensational to meet you, I enjoyed the hell out of this. Prayers for the Australians that will now be hearing me, Eternalpilled, explaining that this deck is fundamentally wholesome since it doesn't involve Shutdown or an infinite combo and that they should totally play Eternal.

20 Oct 2023 anarchomushroom

this deck is completely wholesome in stark comparison to the absolute depravity i saw throughout the weekend