[TAI ETERNAL] Bladderwort IG

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Hello! In the run up to Worlds, NSG are running a series of Eternal events to get people introduced to the wild high powered world of Netrunner's largest format. To help, I'm publishing a series of Eternal lists to give folks a taster for what the format has to offer and ideas of where to go with your own Eternal deckbuilding! I'll link them all below for ease of reference. Enjoy and hope to see you all Siphoning and Violet Level Clearance-ing soon!

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What does Bladderwort IG do?

Points Used:

Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions 2pts

Bio-Ethics Association 2pts

Breached Dome 1pt

Shock! 1pt

Violet Level Clearance 1pt

Eternal is the land of the asset decks, with each faction having its own flavour of go-wide (and for some, multiple). This is Jinteki's entry and in my opinion, the strongest corp in Eternal. IG is a classic asset ID, with its ability making assets that much harder to trash. "But, anarcho", I hear you cry, "the runner can just run archives? This ID sucks?" The runner can run archives to turn off the ID yes, but then they risk getting hit with Shock! and Breached Dome, doing damage and milling cards from the stack. And that's on top of the damage they're going to take from Bio-Ethics Association every turn, or from Hostile Infrastructure from trashing stuff, and somehow they gotta have enough cards in hand at all thanks to everyone's favourite corpo, Dr. Vientiane Keeling.

This deck is looking to put the runner in a prison where they have to keep taking net damage but can't turn it off because they'll flatline, or they just don't have the credits. It's received a bunch of support in the last two releases thanks to Bladderwort, Dr. Vientiane Keeling, Reaper Function and Front Company. The deck used to struggle with points and economy, but now it has Bladderwort to really make it sing. You'll naturally dip pretty low on money just by rezzing stuff, but if not, you have Sealed Vault to help sink credits to turn on Bladdy Dubs. Use Kakurenbo as well to flip your archives back down and reset the grind clock. Don't be afraid to Violet Level Clearance aggressively as well, you want to throw cards out and most of your deck you're happy ot just dump into the bin so do it! You'll thank yourself later.

If you have any questions about this list or eternal in general, feel free to comment below, check out the #eternal channel on the GLC discord, or hit me up on discord! I'm always happy to talk about my favourite format.

Thanks and hopefully see y'all playing some more Eternal soon!

22 Aug 2023 Krasty

@anarchomushroom: you founded Front Company so good to be in this list?

22 Aug 2023 Krasty

...and also common question: to be The Perfect or not to be Perfect Retrieval ? :o)

22 Aug 2023 anarchomushroom

@KrastyIve liked Front Company. If anything I think it works as an extra source of archives based net damage. Maybe 1 is correct rather than 2. And I'm actually not sure on Fuji yet. The fact it doesn't prevent itself from getting stolen is a point in favour of TFP but the net damage is appealing. Not sure tho, definitely needs testing!

22 Aug 2023 Krasty

@anarchomushroom: I need to test Front Company as well...
btw TFP or Fuji question is like coin flip, but try to make Fuji kills from archives! (of course with other 3-4+ ShockingDome in there) ...awsome move, believe me... :o)

22 Aug 2023 Zerothmaxima

This is gross. I need to try it.