Please ELE, don't smoke!

AngryKid_IT 7

My cheap version for Ele "Smoke" Scovak. It's a fun deck to play Diesel and Earthrise Hotel for cards. Special order to find Icebreaker (Nfr) Full rig: NFR + Dedicated Processor; Switchblade; Study Guide. Economy: Ele + Net Mercur and Katy Jones. Easy against HB Against jinteky use Net Mercur to draw cards during run Against weiland install film critic Against Tag use Misdirection Hunting ground, Political operativce, The turning well for all uses Takobi, Cloak and Cyberdelia help the economy of the bunch. Help me improve it! Thanks a lot.

23 May 2019 FreqKing

Cool ideas. I think you should likely drop Special Order for Self-modifying Code. Frees up a ton of influence. Make room for Clot or Falsified Credentials

25 May 2019 AngryKid_IT

Yes, maybe clot is a good idea. Thanks