Crowdfunded Val 3.2

Kikai 455

Went 5-2 at Euros 2019 (finishing 18/83)

2 wins against tightrope Azmari (1 was a timed win that could have gone either way), 1 win against AgInfusion, 1 win against NEXT, 1 win against Blue Sun.

1 loss to Jinja MCAAP MirrorMorph where I forgot about Ikawah and where I should have run HQ aggressively, 1 turn 4 loss to an AgInfusion where I forgot about the ID ability and was booped into a cortex lock with one card in hand :facepalm: (this is particularly embarrassing because my corp was also AgInfusion).


The original list that I took to York and Chatteris SC (placing 3rd and 1st) is here.

Shoutout to @Blonde Haired Hacker Girl for slotting the Drug Dealer - which fits perfectly into the build. Her own list is here.

The day before the tournament I swapped out an Archives Interface and an Isolation for 2 x D4v1d. These (combined with Hippo) were clutch against both AgInfusion and Blue Sun.

Can't wait to see the winning Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist list!