Swiss Knife Adam - 1st at Milan GNK

Porkobolo 121

This is the Adam that helped me win the last Milan GNK (15/12/18). It went undefeated and played against Jinteki Biotech, Jinteki Personal Evolution, Sportsmetal and Blue Sun. Aesop is the econ engine of the deck, it's very good also for manipolating the directives in the bad matchups. It can also eat no more wanted drug dealers, 'cause he the only candy shop in the 'hood. The strenght of this deck is the versatility, emergent creativity can give you an early misdirection against NBN or wayland, deus X vs jinteki, an aumakua vs rush decks or an Engolo vs Glaciers. Overminds are often just fuel for the Emergent Creativity, but they can be very helpful in dire situations.

Possible changes:

  • Engolo vs Laamb: i found Engolo better than Laamb with Adam, for the very big ices you allready got Logic Bombs and Engolo it can be good for early aggression. If you want more influence you can still go for the Laamb.

  • Clone Chip: i'm using it for Deus X recursion or in general for the jinteki matchup. It paid off quite well, but you can cut it and an overmind off and replace them with 2 turning wheels.

Sadly, never pick allways be running in the starting directives.

18 Dec 2018 HelixPinnacle

I typically play Adam, usually similar to the won that won the Australian Nationals, with a few changes. What's your logic for not running Employee Strike?

18 Dec 2018 Porkobolo

@HelixPinnacleI wanted to run Aesop as engine! not sure on why it has not the unicorn symbol, it should have...strange bug