Pure Thought

obscurica 1308

As pure a runner deck as you can get. More than half the deck is dedicated to generating money or finding ways to generate money. The rest of it is programs that can efficiently break into servers -- usually R&D. With Inversificator, currently expected anti-R&D tech in the forms of Miraju, Excalibur, and others can be shuffled into less-inconvenient servers, giving you a clearer path to the goal.

This is the exact opposite of a complicated, technically intensive deck, minus the Inversificator and ID interactions -- which, in themselves, are easy enough to understand. All you gotta do is make big money and drill through ice.

15 Nov 2017 h0bb35

Runner essence distilled :) I sometimes cringe when I see Armitage Codebusting, but I know you have your reasons for it. Love the Daredevil in this build (such an underrated console).