Panic Punitive Azmari

Frost 499

7th at London Regional, going 3-1 in the swiss, an update of my previous Punitive Azmari decks.

8th at Aldershot Regional, going 3-1 in the swiss, and then collapsing in the cut to one of the worst possible matchups: Smoke on Film Critic. RIP.

I had been trying out a strict glacier version of 6-agenda Azmari, and also versions with Border Control, Bio Vault, and Excalibur, but it never really clicked.

So the night before the regional, I panicked and switched back to good ol' Punitive Counterstrike.

I was pretty sure there would be Anarchs everywhere, so I fit in a copy of Salem's Hospitality for I've Had Worse.

And as usual, I had a spare ice slot so in went Peeping Tom again. You know, to make sure your Salem's Hospitality hits. 🙄

I was very happy with the deck, scoring out against reg(!!) Omar, and flatlining a surfer Wu and a Nexus 419 (somehow). The one game I dropped I would have won if not for my gross misplay, leaving me without enough credits to Salem's Hospitality + Punitive Counterstrike for the flatline.