Ice Cold, Classic Coca-Cola®

CryptoGraham 737

NBN Presents America's Great Soda Challege, sponsored by GRNDL

It's 2019 and people are enjoying their Durian La Croix and their artisanal vegan organic elixirs but have we forgotten what America's really all about?

Stand up, close your eyes and Pledge Your Allegiance to your tastebud's favorite liquid manna!

Hello citizen! Do you have a minute to spare? Oh no, I'm not canvassing for money! In fact, I'm here to offer YOU something! Do you have a quick minute for a taste test? We always appreciate your data.

Ice Cold, Classic Coca-Cola® or Crystal Pepsi®

What's that? You prefer the crisp and refreshing taste of Option A?

Well! Thank you! Please, have a bottle of Ice Cold, Classic Coca-Cola®, on me! Thank you for your time!

Come on out and try my blind taste test!

What flavor do you prefer?


What more can I say about this deck? This is the King's CtM with a few spicy changes.

If you compare against the 2018 variants, like America CtM, you'll notice that I don't include Calibration Testing. I play against a lot of clever people who just assume that the upgrade attached to the Commercial Bankers Group is a Mumbad Virtual Tour. So they'll Dirty Laundry the CBG to dip to 4 credits, trash the CBG without being hit by the MVT. And honestly, they'd be right 50% of the time. But I'm tired of "clever players" and "smart people".

This is not honest netrunner. Prisec means the runner doesn't have a choice.

IF you wanted to feel a bit safer and jam on the gas, you could do -1 Exchange of Information, -1 Rashida Jaheem and add back in +2 Calibration Testing. But I'm not a great netrunner player, I just wanna cheese you out.

Also, I toiled and toiled over Turnpike or Hydra but Hydra is the new Snek and boy howdy it's funny to get kills with a surprise Hydra.

Also, before anyone asks "why not kitties over ARES", I think with all the ice destruction, apocalypse and hippo around, you NEED to force tags onto the runner in a way that demands urgency.

Crowdfunding is dead. Long live NBN.

CtM. It's the Real Thing