Selective Schooling [Asia-Pacific Continentals (4-1) 14th]

bing005 276 (can anyone tell me how to embed this?)

Built for schoolin' n00bs.

Last minute deck I cram-made before Asia / Pacific Continentals. I'm a pretty lousy student and I've done virtually no homework on Netrunner all semester. Decided to go all in on hard countering crim decks by sniping key cards / programs and playing cheap ice. Worked well and I got a pass.

Beat two top 8 players in Bridgeman and Longi. In my round 5 matchup against Rustryder (Top 8 place decider) our first game came down to the final card in my deck. Rustryder ran RND with no cards in stack and two cards in grip. I Rez Neural katana, pop batty and fail.

It's a pretty fun deck to play and will be tinkering it further in the future.

Thanks heaps Nisei for hosting the comp and everyone involved. Was a really well run and fun tournament! Thanks a bunch!

19 Jul 2020 Cliquil

I am intrigued by the Helheim Servers in this deck. What primarily were they for?

19 Jul 2020 bing005

This deck plays part attrition part surprise kill. Helheim grids act as pseudo batty copies 4-6 if runner is running with low credits.