Annoying Protocol

b4ralai 988


The concept of the deck born after I played bing005 Selective Schooling and had the luck to play against him in jnet and have some chat.

I found the deck to be full of potential, especially in this meta. Most of the anarch runs Zero, which triggers ID and make it really risky to use. Most of the criminals don't run 2 copy of the breaker but the turtle. Everybody runs Paperclip.

The basic concept of the deck is to poke the runner with ID to slow them down, forcing them to be cautious and playing with all runner resources: cards, credits and time at once. Trashing key breaker, or key economy card is a great tempo hit, and knowing part of the runner plan by constantly looking at their hand is a great way to maximize your scoring windows and ice effectiveness.

Sometimes this deck can go for a good rigshooting, but this should not be your aim or you'll find yourself chasing runner's choices, and what you want is exactly the opposite!

The deck is really fun to play, since it's full of interesting choice every turn making every game really different from each other! Sometimes you can go glacier or super rush, it's all a matter of choice! Despite the lategame being not the strongest ever, poking good in early and mid can lead you to baits that open huge scoring windows, or even to rigshooting and flatline!

In Store Championship i lost 2 game: one against smoke: baaad matchup. and one against silouhette that stole 5 points from rnd turn one, with me having 7 point already in hand, and 6 more came immediately after from rashida. Still if i didnt fell into negative thinking, i should have a chance to switch the odds maybe.

About card choice Psychokinesis is a great underrated card: it can fetch a useful piece to speed your game up, or secure your servers, and at the same time break stargate lock and gives you knowledge of what rnd can offer in upcoming turns allowing you to set up properly for scoring something or simply don't invest too much in defending the server if no agenda are there.

Ark Lockdown: The rigshooting can be real. If they find it somewhere they'll start to be cautious, if they dont you can snatch some breaker (especially anarchs one).

Global food: Not the best, but useful. I'll try with future perfect too, but this deck isnt a rich one..

Envelope: I wanted a facecheck punishment etr, never really used.. xD

Himitsu Bako: cheap etr with the ability of being moved, useful if you are targeting fracter with trash program and need to protect another server

Rototurret: i needed a trash program and etr in sentry slot. Awful, but good with batty :D

Jua: Not really sure about that. The logic was: if you take it back, i can trash it with net damage. The when encouter is good too to fight against anarch breaker. After a runner used it to take back the 4th card needed to score my obokata, i started questioning jua..

13 Jul 2023 avni999

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14 Jul 2023 meansussex

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17 Aug 2023 bekeanloinse

The deck's ability to make runners cautious and influence their decision-making is a clever fnf game way to create scoring opportunities and control the tempo of the game. By trashing important breakers and economy cards, you're forcing the runner to play reactively and manage their resources more carefully.

14 Sep 2023 tastedinner

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