Neural Jemison

bing005 52

The best deck I've ever made. It's just mean. very mean.

All the good cards in one deck.

30 Sep 2019 Vocke

Lovely list. <3

30 Sep 2019 Saan

Nice! It reminds me of my old 24/7 list from back in the day, which I later updated to [this list] a year or so ago. I haven't messed with it since, but I like where you went with the concept.

I'd suggest using all 3 Project Atlas, though. It makes it way easier to set up the Armed Intimidation combo when you can just go looking for whatever pieces you need with Atlas counters.

1 Oct 2019 Saan

Accidentally fucked up my second link, and NRDB is the last website on the planet to not have an edit feature.

1 Oct 2019 bing005

Cool! Very similar lists. I'll take yours for a spin but I'm pretty comfortable with my set up. Snares are super important to me at the moment as they defend against early, mid aggression + protect oberths in server whilst I build kill condition. Also, 3 point agendas are good for early rush and set you up for a install, Rez oberth, hpt, hpt turn.

1 Oct 2019 Cliquil

I am curious on a few things; Why not look at City Works Project? Were you tempted to put in a Boom! as I feel it gives a little more flexibility if the runner takes the tags.

2 Oct 2019 bing005

Re: city works - would definitely be worth trying. My centrals are week early and so ssl /SDS help with early tempo. Hpt is harder to trash so helps with early game too.

5 Oct 2019 BizTheDad

I've had so much fun playing this deck. Thanks so much for sharing. My favorite line to win: have 5/3 scored, they have three cards in hand, I install Oberth Protocol and Armed Intimidation, score and kill them with a High-Profile Target.