Apoc Val (7-4 & 13th @ Worlds, 1st after Swiss)

Matuszczak 1944

Nothing much to say here, Apoc Val is popular for a reason. This list is slightly richer than most since money is an even more universal solution to most problems than Apocalypse. I liked the 1 QG, 1 Day Job split as both can get awkward to use and looking for 2 opportunities to play them could be painful. 1 Hacktivist is 1 too many.

The deck is fun and can be picked up and played decently with a few games of practice. Mastering it is a different story, after a few months of playing Apoc Val it still feels that the skill cap is sky-high, almost out of reach. There are plenty of small decisions that matter and swing games.

22 Oct 2019 DonLoverGate

1 Hacktivist is one too many! What makes you say that?

23 Oct 2019 Matuszczak

@DonLoverGateit only really hurts asset spams that will usually have their ways of dealing with it + you're favored against them anyway. If the corp is playing annoying currents, they are usually playing 3, you are unlikely to win the current battle anyway. I ended up discarding Hacktivist in most games.