Lock Hayley 1st Place Konstanz

CopperBoi 72

This deck went 4-1 in a 5 round GNK carrying me to top of swiss. @qvm helped me win by giving me this list and by not attending.

Flex slots/Tech cards are: Legwork, Ika, Feedback Filter, Artist Colony (Fake agendas and Sportsmetal), technically Clot but that helped me win in 3 out of 4 matches.

The Falsified Credentials basically enable you to play remote lock by saving you from getting baited into things you can't steal.

I was critical of the mem chips at first, but you do need the MU for your full rig and they are super easy to install as part of your Hayley triggers with all the other hardware. The popular cyberdelias do not fit in this deck because the most common turn is 3x ProCo + Hayley install.

25 Feb 2019 Qris

"...and by not attending" :D

Congratulations! Falsified Credentials are amazing.