ctz 2875

This deck got me into the top 8 at PAX. The deck effectively is economicwarfare.com, having 3 EWs and UCFs is nasty.

CVS was mission critical to having success. It shut down turtle + pelangi, which made UCF fire reliably. Easily sapped over 50 credits on the day, achieving the deck's goal of the runner having a no moneyyyyyy.

The subcontract should just be the third boom. If Liza is out of your meta / gets banned soon, drop the SGP for the 2x preemptive action. I'm not nearly as cool or brave or good as Laura, so you should probably just drop it now :joy:

I don't really like the Data Ravens either. Hopefully something obvious comes with Uprising (probably Gold Farmer, some other ice, or an upgrade).

Thank you to everyone who attended / made the event happen. Mega Big shoutouts to Dan B (in the goddamn building) and Sanjay (Tennin or nothin').

10 Dec 2019 CryptoGraham

HYDRA! Hydra is my favorite "Surprise!", especially as a facecheck is exceptionally nasty.

11 Dec 2019 SimonMoon

You asked me why I was studying so hard and I remembered it was because I was trying to figure out who on earth Subcontract did

12 Dec 2019 charlie_xavier

don't let your memes be dreams

13 Dec 2019 cranked

have u considered dropping the beales for Better Citizen Program and the ssls for Reeducation?????

thx in advance, god bless