Coyote Revenge - 1st @ Stockport Regional

BeNNyBiLL 692

So I was told spending all my influence on one card was a bad idea. I was told that not having a restricted card from the MWL was shooting myself in the foot. I was told yellow isn't in a great place right now and ACME is not a meta ID...


So for the record deck went undefeated all day (5 - 0). Make of that what you will. Geist didn't perform so well for me, but ACME more than made up for it.

This deck makes me feel like a true British Netrunner player. Take 3 copies of Scorched Earth 2.0 and stick them into another faction. Perfection.

There is so much tax on the Runner player in this match-up. You either score out or let the runner break their back to stop you. It's a deck full of Win/Win situations and I've never piloted anything before that lands HHN as consistently as this. Universal Connectivity Fee truly is a monster.

Top Cut Round 3 vs Craig on Valencia
Credit to @tolaasin for the stream

Final vs Craig, again
Credit to @mcg for the stream

30 Jul 2018 craigmurtagh

Thanks for putting the video up tried to watch it again but I was making so many mistake it was a hard watch but it is easy to play Monday morning manger or Monday evening netrunner. Taking nothing away from your win, on the day you were the much better player

30 Jul 2018 J-Flex

Congrats again Ben. I was one of the doubters that turned their nose up at Acme and also pulled a funny face at all your influence being spent on HPT but one of us has won a regional so I'll be quiet

30 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

insert chef finger lick meme


30 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

Also, I love how this is kinda of like Azmari with extra steps

31 Jul 2018 NtscapeNavigator

You deserve 2 likes just for including Thoth. I love that card.

Congrats on the win.

31 Jul 2018 NtscapeNavigator

Watching the video when Criag on val trashes Rasida with BP after going through UCF, he can't do that. BP gives you a credit when you start a run that you lose if unspent, it's in your credit pool, so UCF eats the BP for that run too.


Nitpicking now, as it didn't really matter.

31 Jul 2018 Radiea

Is there a reason for the SEA Source include without closed accounts or EoI?

31 Jul 2018 BeNNyBiLL

@Blue Haired Hacker Girl I really should have caught that. Something to remember going forward thanks!

@Radiea sea source is a tool to push the runner into HPT range. It's common that after a HHN the runner will clear 2 tags and have 4/5 cards in hand. Another tag enables kill with only 1 HPT. You can also kill a runner on 3 cards with 2 HPT in hand and a sea source after any run with a credit advantage. Don't forget it's also a tag you can land just to kill off problem resources. I even considered including 2 of them. I have yet to use it in a game but as a singleton I don't really expect the sea source kill will happen very often.

31 Jul 2018 Smattc

@RadieaI would assume to kill if they clear down to 1 tag

31 Jul 2018 Swiftie

Looks like a fun murder deck. I give it the Aldershot seal of approval. FYI this might devalue the deck...

31 Jul 2018 Sanjay

This list looks amazing. Do you think it makes sense to build it out of Harishchandra so I have influence for 3.4 high profile targets or is 3 enough.

31 Jul 2018 BeNNyBiLL

@Sanjay It doesn't make sense to build anything in Harishchandra. So by that logic it's going to win you Nationals for sure.

1 Aug 2018 Pommes

Cheers and Congratulations! One desperate cry for help from a fellow Acme player: My own brew did quite well in two regionals recently. It actually went undefeated in the last one, except for any game against Security Nexus. While Employee Strike is bad but can be fought, Nexus just rips my deck apart. Stacking multiple Data Raven seems to be the only solution, so better find them asap. How did you handle Nexus?

2 Aug 2018 BeNNyBiLL

@PommesI didn't see a single person playing nexus. Same game plan applies though. You need to score fast. Nexus is a huge tempo hit and if you can get to 6 points before they can contest, the 1 pointers will pretty much score themselves. Or they can die trying.

2 Aug 2018 Nemonix


3 Aug 2018 RepoRogue

Looks awesome! Out of curiosity, why no Hydra? That card looks really solid in this build.

4 Aug 2018 BeNNyBiLL

@RepoRogue Hydra is simply too expensive. I also dislike how it has no "on encounter ability" so it can essentially be broken by Akumaka for 3. You could try it in place of Thoth but unlike others I really rate thoth. It may be more expensive than data raven but data raven has zero facecheck value. Thoth as the outer most ice will tax the runner a tag, 2 net damage and 2 credits.

4 Aug 2018 BlueShellGhost

Looks like fun!

10 Aug 2018 Shiiuga

Question: Did you shout 'JOHN CENA' whenever you played Attitude Adjustment because if not that is a game loss.

16 Aug 2018 manveruppd

Just checking: named after Wile E. Coyote? Cause I'll have to retract my like if not! :D

17 Aug 2018 BeNNyBiLL

@manveruppd it would be wildly coincidental if it wasn't now! Gotta kill those (road) runners.

@Shiiuga I don't get the reference?

17 Aug 2018 manveruppd

@BeNNyBiLL I'm going to have to unlike this just so I can like it again in that case! Wile E. Coyote was the first thing I thought about too when I saw the name of this ID!

5 Sep 2018 benticurus
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