green tree v.12-18-61

bblum 4558

(EDIT: Oh shit, this should have a K2CP Turbine in it.)

I brought this to the cleveland CO and, although on paper I was 2-2, one loss was on time that would have been a win, and one loss was to Marcus playing shaper bullshit when I - in an incredible called shot - accessed sapper in R&D turn 1 with WT out, and even then it was a very close game. Anyways, I don't need to prove this deck has legs. Obviously 60-card WT is not my idea or anything but I do wanna get my build out there and discuss card choices because I like to think I am pretty good at fine-tuning shaper decks.

The main question I have is if the R+ matchup (uk style) is winnable at all. I tested some with cableCarnage and, despite 3 pin 3 NFL, I was only able to contest drago like 2-3 times and even then only by WT'ing away my board for more NFLs, basically forsaking my setup just to not get SGP'ed. The tools are all there you just seem always 2 turns too slow because you suck at drawing enough event econ among your 60 cards.

Cards that are non-negotiables in my opinion:

  • Reclaim. It is basically an extra simul (besides being 0-cost WT food). Gets back boat or WT in a pinch, gets back clot for a time walk, gets back harb for $6. I want a 3rd copy tbh.
  • Not fewer than 3 aesops. If you draw duplicates you can WT the first one into something else.
  • Both nano & ika. They are so situationally different. Ika is so bad against ob.
  • Top hat. Getting boat down is really a priority and simuls are precious. You could sell flame out here but see below.
  • 3 pinhole. You need to stay on top of zato and nanisivik (and ofc drago). I would not ever play fewer here.
  • Caldera. Nightmarechive is everywhere rn and, although you do have clot, you'd rather 2/2s not be a threat until late game.

Here are some cards that I tested and think don't belong:

  • Reaver. No other R&D multiaccess holds a candle to the stargate + mad dash combo, and you do need the influence for clot besides. I also don't understand how you are finding memory for mayfly early game if you are getting this trashy boy out first. Hotel is just good enough.
  • Cyberdelia (or any other mem chip). I actually brought 1x to the event and installed it once, but I find boat + WT + 2 breakers + stargate lasts well into the late game and by the time you want the last breaker you are basically done WT'ing anyways and can sell it. I also kept forgetting to take the credit, so, like, clearly it's bad and dumb and jank.

Here are some cards that might be good:

  • Env testing. The matchup that wants this much burst is R+ but I always found it to be a turn too slow. If you get it with WT it won't fire til next turn, which is too slow. If you install it, you basically need 2 other burst econ to be able to afford it and WT and that's a tall order to naturally draw all that before you get SGP'ed.
  • Flame out. I tried this for a bit but always found myself getting mayfly out first. The sequencing is too awkward before midgame, and by midgame, you don't need it. The credits also don't help vs R+.
  • Nuka. Drawing earthrise naturally sucks whereas drawing this wouldn't. I find my clicks to already be pretty pressured though. I couldn't imagine playing telework for example.

I am really only concerned with improving the deck's first 4-ish turns. Midgame and lategame are already fine. Matchups that aren't R+ are already fine. The other builds I've seen all seem focused on the "ideal" late game rig - which has always been a win-more shaper fallacy - at the expense of being able to deal with "unfair" corp strategies.

19 Dec 2022 Two_EG

But honestly, if you don't want to go with 'ideal late game rig', I think 45-card Aesop Reavershop is just better. (And hope for Aesop mulligan)

19 Dec 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Stargate + mad dash is indeed excellent - but any consideration to Insight + Mad dash?

You have an excellent excuse to slot top hat already and it could be an option. (Obv not as powerful as stargate - but is in faction)

19 Dec 2022 CritHitd20

This looks solid but I wish it had room for a Scorch kill package.

19 Dec 2022 bblum

i actually brought the scorch package greg but forgot to slot it in because your radiant presence wasn't there to remind me to

16 Jan 2023 clercqie

W.r.t. the option of having Evironmental Testing, what about slotting Tech Writer instead? Slower, but much less to setup. Plus as another zero-coster, it's prime WT food.