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Some may vaguely recognize my name from ages ago. Netrunner boomer here. tl;dr is bblum's deckbuilding skills got me to play a tournament.

After ~4 years I decided to enter an actual Netrunner tournament because I told Radiant I would, and local player Saif said they'd even sleeve decks for me if I agreed to show up (I sold my card several years ago for reasons). I ended up top seed (!!) but then lost twice in the cut to finish 4th like a true scrub. A bunch of Vancouver people came, it was quite the party. Tbh the Top Seed thing was a little bit of luck and people IDing in single-sided Swiss, but I'll take it.

I looked up the worlds lists and saw that Bblum of all people was posting lists again! I played their list on JNET and realized it's the most interesting Corp list I've played since, honestly, probably Moons EtF. They suggested these changes of +1 Mavirus, +1 Afshar, -1 Hedge -1 Magnet. Those changes were excellent, and after playing today I'd change 0 things in this list. I played some version of BBlum's Hoshiko as well.

I'm probably still done for now and not buying cards to get back in, but this was fun.

P.S. Botulus is just Blackmail-Val in different packaging. Please just reprint some version of Parasite (not Chisel)

6 Nov 2022 Radiant

It was great to see you again, and extremely impressive how well you did after being out of the game for literal years! But don't worry - we aren't giving up on getting you back ;)

20 Nov 2022 bblum


29 Dec 2023 zoeywats

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