Farm to Table: Semi-adequate performance at a store champ

Sanjay 3080

Playing Making News in core set only tournaments made me really enjoy the identity. Getting two credits when you don't expect is endearing for reasons only William Forrester can explain.

I've really really wanted to play it outside of the core set context, but outside of Door to Door Making News, I hadn't really figured out a good excuse to play it. It's certainly pretty hard to justify next to Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future where the gifts are unexpected but a little more reliable. I don't really think I justified it here, but here is my flimsy reasoning:

  1. If you want to play Mwanza City Grid, you enjoy some ambushes in your deck.
  2. If you are paying 12 influence for Brainstorm (to go with your Ganked!, you don't have influence for Snare!.
  3. Intake is a card that: a) exists b) is an ambush
  4. Making News makes Intake stronger.
  5. If you play Making News, people will assume your influence is otherwise accounted for, so the Brainstorms will be more surprising.

My biggest regret is that @osclate talked me out of playing Hunter just because I have no tag punishment, which is a really delightful card in Making News.

I played this at the New York Store Champ and went 2 and 2, but the real important results are here:

  • Round 1: 5 brain damage

  • Round 2: 6 brain damage

  • Round 3: 0 brain damage

  • Round 4: 4 brain damage

  • Total: 15 brain damage

Mwanza and Brainstorm are a match made in heaven because Ganked! is really funny and also you have to pay for stupid Brainstorms somehow. Everything else in the deck is based on a pretty rickety premise, tbh.

The deck is called Farm to Table because it is more wholesome than Door to Door.

22 Mar 2020 ctz

Sunny and Making News are the best entree and wine pairing ever.

Farm to my heart. Thank you for doing you as always.

22 Mar 2020 acrowe

Hunter has a great rez-to-strength ratio