La Costa Lockdown

mao 678

This is a deck that I am really enjoying at the moment.

Basically, it's a Palana La Costa build with Hyoubu Precog Manifold taking the place of Scarcity of Resources to obtain even more stopping power. With a decent remote and the lockdown in place, your agenda is pretty much scored.

This deck is meant to go fast but in the worst-case scenario Kakugo placed on R&D can provide that grinding power to survive until you will be able to score Obokata Protocol and close the game.

With all these viruses going around it's time for Macrophage to shine and Afshar is simply a great defense, discouraging Diversion of Funds and multiple runs on HQ. You want to spare your Border Control for the remote server.

A special mention for Konjin! My little star. It works on encounter and forcing the runner to encounter Anansi or DNA Tracker or every other ice for which the runner has not a breaker or enough credits is simply great.

25 Mar 2020 Yusei

I think Cyberdex Sandbox is better than CST against PAD Tap and Aumakua(or Datasucker).It also allow u to make a combo with Macrophage.

27 Mar 2020 Martins_sales

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28 Mar 2020 mao

In 1x I prefer CST. Also because I have only 1 Macrophage. But in a different build for sure.