1st in OKORINA 3 Sandbox (50/5)

Sokka 1322

Turns out Cyberdex Sandbox is still pretty powerful in Jinteki, even as a 50/5. I missed out on OKORINA 2 so I had to see for myself. Despite a runner split in both times I played against @Aruzan’s Class Act and Sandbox, the board state in all 4 games clearly favoured the Corp and it was some good runner luck that resulted in all 4 games going to the runner.

The efficiency of this ID simply outpaces any runner I’ve seen. Normal Corp decks only have Hedge Fund that they can play turn 1 (we don’t talk about Celebrity Gift), but this ID adds IPO and Reverse Infection as a reliable turn 1 econ card. On top of that, there are 3 Mega Product Placements that can only trigger once per turn but can also trigger out of archives. Also, it is very easy to forget that all these abilities don’t only give you money but they actually purge virus counters. Try it for a few games. By the third or fourth game, you will have forgotten ;)

Huge thanks to Sanjay for the great format and organizing a successful tournament, and to Vesper for streaming it!

Link to my Patron deck