Dagguh 9

13 Mar 2019 enkoder

Seems fun! I'd play this.

14 Mar 2019 Saan

It seems like Congratulations! is a bit at odds with Hard-Hitting News. HHN works when the runner is poor (which Economic Warfare and the Spark ability certainly help with), but Congrats! gives the runner that cash right back in their pockets while also making runs. Yeah, you make 3c to the runner's 1, and back in the days of Midseason's Replacements, that'd be sick. HHN, though? Not so much.

19 Mar 2019 Stonar

My biggest concern with Spark is getting blown out by asset spam hate like Crowdfunding. What do you think gets cut for Targeted Marketing? MVT and a Congratulations is my instinct.

22 Mar 2019 TKO

Exchange of information doesn't make sense in a deck with almost exlusively 2 pointers. You really need GFI and a bunch of 1 pointers for it to work.

25 Mar 2019 Dagguh

Thanks for the pointers :) I built this deck in a rush without even playing it once before playing it with my local group. I got wrecked 0-3 against a Sunny with No One Home Congratulations! yielded ~16 credits in one game, but it was too late in the game. One game I was 1 credit off of landing HHN despite NOH. Tracer ICE had a lot of problems with a 3 link runner with a bunch of Flip Switches. CSR Campaign drew a surprising number of cards: ~7-8 in one game. I had no remote to defend a Remastered Edition. Mumbad's worked well.