[1st @ VPC CO] Wincons GameNet (4-1)

enkoder 920

Went 4-1 in a 9 person CO at Victory Point Cafe in Berkeley. This is basically Internet's Big Puni list with a few cards changed. I wanted to play Crisium since most runner wincons involve making successful runs, but otherwise basically the same list.

I never once played Big Deal or Backroom Machinations and only killed the runner w/ Punitive Counterstrike or scored out. Still, the threat was there and conceptually they could have won me a game or two had the cards came in the right order. I found myself pitching Backroom almost immediately though so it's a bit awkward to hold them and the Puni's. I'd just cut that wincon entirely to make for more money and ice.

This deck is strong, but it's not the most exciting. To beat it, you need to be rich af and be able to survive Puni. Check out my Lat list which went 6-0 beating 3 GameNets and an R+ on Puni.

1 Sep 2022 quyen26

i had the nightmare game of the lat with like 30 credits at turn 6. that being said seems fun