Nexus Ayla

Redino987 237

This is the Nexus Ayla list I took to 2017 Worlds, based entirely on Beyoken's Rojak decklist.

The goal here is to get MOpus on turn one, then stay ahead on credits while digging for programs/link/Nexus. Ayla is pretty consistent in her setup, being able to put cards on the NVRAM to pull when needed or leave there to avoid a dead draw later in the game means that you can find the MOpus in your opening hand pretty oftne. If it gets set up quick enough, it dominates the field.

I made some very minor changes as a meta call for the day: Dropping one Beth and Mad Dash to instead include Misdirection and Citadel Sanctuary.

There were matchups where I definitely needed those cards, but couldnt find them or pull them out of the deck in time for them to save me.

Overall, I went 1 and 5 with this list on the day, which wasn't great. Part of it that record I'd like to attribute to bad luck, but I can't push off all the blame there.

Matchups for the day: L vs PE - Agendas went into a server and into the scoring area before I could really do anything

L vs Palana - I stole a Labyrinth Servers early then got double punitived. While holding my Citadel Sanctuary in NVRAM, where I left it like a fool thinking that I didn't need to rush it onto the table in this matchup.

L vs CtM - I should have won this matchup, with Link and MOpus it is very in my favor. But by turn 3 there were 2 Commercial Bankers and 2 Daily Business Show on the table and I couldn't get the monetary advantage while also digging for pieces. I was hit with a turn which consisted of: Sea source, exchange of information, closed accounts, which moved me from 5 points to 3 and really killed my chances.

L vs Argus - Hunter Seeker killed my MOpus pretty early in the game and I couldnt find another. Then the HHN landed without SMC or misdirection on the table to help me clear the tags before I got hit with the BOOM!

L vs CI - 2 Load testings and HHN followed up by BOOM! and I didnt have SMC or misdirection to save me there either.

W vs Cybernetics Division - a strange deck running Vanity Project and Punitive. I dug for citadel and feedback filter (to stop cerebral overwriter), pounded MOpus for money and ran everything that got installed. I stole a vanity project and dodged a punitive, then stole agendas to win.