Why Do You Need That Many Credits? Undefeated, Proud Lion SC

Phoenix 244

This is the deck I took to the Cheltenham and Gloucester Proud Lion Store Championship. I already had a bye, a mat and I was co-running the event so I wanted to take something fun and this was it.

The deck is based on Turbo Vamp: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/41007/turbo-vamp-1st-place-at-battlegrounds-sc-24-people-, the only changes being to add in two Archives Interface to help vs Friends and CI. They did work ALL day. The base idea for the deck is awesome though.

Round 1: Vs IG 49. Urrrggghhhh. Two Breaker Bay/Hostile Infrastructures by turn 5 is a problem. However, Rumor Mill -> Vamp -> Archives Interface -> Run Archives for 12 points finished the game. Phew.

Round 2: vs CI. Mmmm tasty food for my deck. I wait till mid-game. Strike - Curfew - Strike - Curfew - Same Old Strike - Archived Curfew - Deja Vu Strike - Opponent Conceeds.

Round 3: vs Grail Palana - Two Vamps, Strike and Rumour Mill ended the game here.

Round 4: vs Grail-Archer Palana - ID, but we played for funzies. Vamp, Keyhole all the ice which I then remove with Archives Interface ended the game.

Round 5: vs Team Turtles NEH - ID. but we played for funzies. Trashed the Actors Unions so my opponent struggled for ice. Keyhole, parasite on HQ ice with some agendas sniped and a well timed Rumour Mill ended the game. Could have gone either way I think though.

This deck is a monster I would highly recommend trying it out. The Archives Interface are just icing on the cake. In fact Circadia took a very similar deck to second place in the same tournament https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/41253/turbo-vamp-with-slums-2nd-place-cheltenham-sc- but went with slums instead of the interfaces. I just want to remove the Friends!

21 Feb 2017 sdxbbs

gratz man !

but what do you mean by "curfew" ?

21 Feb 2017 Phoenix

Enforced Curfew - basically we had a current war!

21 Feb 2017 Phoenix

And thanks :)

21 Feb 2017 Phoenix

And thanks :) - although let me just say in no way did I win the tournament. Deck did really well though!