Tropic Blunder

Wentagon 294

A deck almost entirely based on Tuno's Grudge Work, which was loosely based on fellow Bost player ManInTheMoon's Arctic Blood.

We swapped out one bladderwort for a warroid to help with pesky mulchers, and turned a cwp and recoco into two more azefs for more meat threats.

This archetype continues to demand perfect play from runners lest they die to a line they never saw coming and as such is very strong. Went 6-0 in a local CO between myself and Enkoder this weekend and I expect will be wreaking havoc elsewhere.

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24 Jan 2024 galvindai

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4 Apr 2024 lilycollins68

Achieving a 6-0 record in a local tournament is impressive Infinite Craft and indicates that your deck is well-tuned and capable of performing consistently.

5 Apr 2024 lorenasearcy

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