Arctic Blood - 1st at June AMT

maninthemoon 1535

This is the corp I played to get first in the June AMT. It’s a blast to play and some may recognize it as an updated version of the Prison Ob list I played in APAC last year.

Ob’s ability allows you to develop more threats than almost any runner is able to deal with effectively. Every game you win will be a flatline or a timed win.

There is a lot of info in the old APAC list. Do check it out if you want to read more about some of the cards not mentioned below.

Hard Hitting News: This card is great, wins you lots of games XD It’s also one of the only ways you can beat Freedom and criminal.

Hostile Architecture: This card can be a credit sink for Bladderwort and is very disruptive while the runner tries to control your board. Do ice it if you can.

Border Control: Fantastic Ob card, very important for the high value run event Esa lists. And if you expect apoc.

Anemone: This was honestly here for testing purposes. I played today to help prepare for the upcoming CO in Seattle 6/10. BC Anemone is a fun way to flatline Bankhar players, but I will definitely be playing the 3rd HHN in the future. This card did nothing all day. . .

Like I said above this list is a blast to play, but I wouldn't recommend it if you expect a lot of Freedom, apoc or Lat. If you want to get a feel for how the list plays check out the replays below! Let me know below if you have any questions.

Round One vs The King’s Big Hoshiko (loss)

Round Two vs Larrea’s CS Zahya (win)

Round Three vs aksu Big Hoshiko (win)

Round Four ID

Cut Game One vs aksu Big Hoshiko (win)

Cut Game Two vs enkoder’s Control Lat (win)

You can watch the stream here

Thanks to everyone who participated; Null Signal Games for putting on an awesome event; and to my team for helping me prep and refine this deck!

4 Jun 2023 SMITTYL


4 Jun 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

🔥 just the way I like it 💯


4 Jun 2023 Radiant

Muntal Bost baybeeee

Congrats on the win :) very very well deserved

4 Jun 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Congratulations on the first place.

@maninthemoon- I wanted to know if you had considered/tested with 3x End of the Line instead of the 3x Boom?

4 Jun 2023 maninthemoon

@Baa Ram Wu I haven't tested it. I have been considering swapping in one EotL, but I think the 3x swap is a really good idea. The only downsides I can see are being able to threaten bladder worts and pay the 6 credits for double EotL. As long as Svyatogor or NASX are on the board that shouldn't be a problem. It might also hurt your worst matchup Freedom since Eco, News, Boom is one of your few outs and getting the pieces together before the Freedom sets up is important.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think that would likely be better in general :)

4 Jun 2023 maninthemoon

Actually if you have bladderworts you only need one EotL so the first point is likely moot.

4 Jun 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Yeah - obv didn’t see your games in Swiss but in the cut I felt like there were plenty of turns where single EotL would be lethal and forcing the runner to clear all 4 tags in a turn and not be able to draw up seems decent with the game plan. (Plus less trashable for HQ/r&d runs)

5 Jun 2023 CopperBoi

Shouldnt 2 of the NASX be PAD Campaigns? Or are you not expecting wanting to rez a second copy?

6 Jun 2023 Radiant

@CopperBoi The NASX lets you dump money into it so Bladderwort can do net damage, and then the click ability gives you an Ob trigger for Urban, W2W, or another Bladderwort.

6 Jun 2023 maninthemoon

@CopperBoi Yeah the NASX is much more valuable for its abilities other than the one credit per turn. As @Radiant said, NASX lets you trigger multiple Bladderworts on a turn while still keeping a reasonable credit total. The trash ability does double duty as a trigger for ob and a money boost to play HHN. On the sad day that NASX rotates I will be replacing it will some other 2 cost card but it wont be pad campaign as the one credit per turn would actually be more damaging then helpful.

Thanks for the thought, it's always interesting to compare why cards are included!

21 Jun 2023 CopperBoi

Oh that should have been very obvious but I missed it. Thanks alot for the elaboration.

27 Jun 2023 lestame

Hi Drift Boss The trash ability serves a dual purpose as both an ob trigger and a financial boon for playing HHN.