Unlimited Tax Works

Jtfq99999 89

I am the bone of my Deck
Traffic Analyzer is my Body and Aryabhata Tech is my Blood.
I have clicked over a Thousand Traces,
Unknown to Jinteki,
Nor known to Weyland.
Have withstood Pain to create many Assets
Yet those Assets will never hold the Runner back.
So, as I Play--
Unlimited Tax Works

In the journey to perfect my previous deck Time to Top Up, I stumbled upon the gem that is OKORINA -- 7pt "Yellow CI" 5-0 #2 in Swiss by @aDumbBrick. In particular, Ad Blitz can produce tons of ICE rezzing for Traffic Analyzer triggers. Hence, the deck.

Unlimited Tax Works guide:

  1. At least one Traffic Analyzer, two Pop-up Window in HQ or Archives.
  2. Ad Blitz, spending as many credits as you like.
  3. Start chaining Pop-up Window in front of Traffic Analyzer.
  4. Unlimited clicks
  5. ???
  6. Profit

PS: Deck is not viable in this iteration, the setup requires the corp to be in a winning position (good economy, laying down Aryabhata Tech and Traffic Analyzer without being trashed, not losing to central access), in which the huge payoff is pretty much overkill in winning the game.