OKORINA -- 7pt "Yellow CI" 5-0 #2 in Swiss

aDumbBrick 669

5-0 With a 7pt combo deck in 2020!?

For reference OKORINA was a fun format with different IDs. This deck's ID was Rebranding Team

My meta was looking at the IDs and it slowly dawned on us just how busted this ID was. In this ID Ad Blitz is effectively a super charged Friends in High Places for X instead of 2.

I chose to take this opportunity to build a 7pt combo deck- not because it is my favourite deck, but because it has been so long since one was viable. I had to try...

The Degenerate Stuff


Shannon Claire

This two-card combo allows you to, spend your first 2 clicks on Ad Blitz, then re-draw the same Ad Blitz you just played. Best of all if either were trashed or in your hand Ad Blitz fixes that too. This means you can play Ad Blitz every turn, but why would you want to do that...?

Oh Yes

The Engine

AAL + Lilly Lockwell Breaker Bay Grid These two assets can both be recurred multiple times within a single Ad Blitz resolution. This means that if you have 2AAL you can spend (X-1) to just install two AAL in the same remote over and over again for a total of 2(X-1) credits. If you have a BBG then you can spend X to get 3X credits. It turns out multiplying your money is good

Additionally Lilly Lockwell can be recurred to draw your entire deck if X is large enough (BBG makes this free) So with what we had above we now have an engine that recurs itself and makes money and draws cards, which leads to ...

More money than you could ever need

The Combo

The combo turn is simple- for your first two clicks you play Ad Blitz. With this final ad blitz you have 1 goal. Draw your entire deck (Lily), install 3x AAL and 3x Team Sponsorship

After you have accomplished this goal you no longer really need money, meaning it is possible to combo out from a surprisingly low credit total.

Now that you have your whole deck in your hand there are many things you can do. I'll describe the simplest combo line, but there are many many ways you can do this depending on if your board state access to AAL before you play Ad Blitz

Many Many clicks later

The Resiliency

There are many things that make this combo fairly resilient

  • You can Whamp any trashed upgrades back to the bottom of your deck. (you normally can draw everything)
  • Often you can use AAL to pre-install some of the upgrades before the combo turn (allowing for things like CVS Installs)
  • With enough money you don't need to install the Breaker Bay Grid since the cheapest combo (Beale -> Remastered -> Bellona) "only" costs 29 credits worth of upgrades + 1 Red Level Dollar
  • You can use Whamp & Tech Startup to control your deck so that is a multiple of 3 for easy drawing.
  • Councilman is tricky, but you can often skirt the issue by being clever. Installing a second Arella with RLC, or "trying" to rez the third calibration testing when you might only need 2 all can get through a single councilman but there are a lot of options and paths this can go down.
  • Archive Interface or Salsette Slums. Concede.


I just want to thank my local meta friends for being so excited to test this with me before the tournament, it would never have been so developed with out you. Also thanks to Sanjay for running an amazing tournament which hopefully will have a lot more exciting things in the future.

3 Jun 2020 plural

I popped in to spectate on a couple of games and was cackling when i logged into one of your matches and just watched that Ad Blitz / Advanced Assembly Lines combo popping off.


What a wild deck. Congrats on the tournament!

7 Jun 2020 dormouse

There is no paid ability window during the resolution of Ad Blitz so I don't see how that Advanced Assembly Lines combo is legit. You rez AAL when it is installed by Ad Blitz, but you can't use its paid ability until Ad Blitz has fully finished resolving.

7 Jun 2020 dormouse

Ohhh, I see. You don't even use the ability, you just keep installing the AAL over each other. Ingenious deck!

15 Jun 2020 Stetson

What am I missing? Ad Blitz allows the installation of advertisements, but AAL and Lilly Lockwell are not advertisements.

15 Jun 2020 bowlsley

@Stetson the tournament rules were that you could pick nearly any legal Corp agenda to be your ID - its text became your ID ability. Hence why the writeup says that Rebranding Team was the ID chosen.

Spark is just on the list itself because NRDB needs a proper ID.