Dirty Lat (3rd at Lockdown Dozen)

Longi 1436

dirty dozen

Let me introduce you Private Lat, recognized member of sabotage group called Dirty Dozen.

His special skills involve infiltration, espionage and disruption. He does not take unnecessary risks, always has a back up solutions and is often accompanied by his best friend. For his services he needs to be paid in advance.

One last thing. Even though Private Late is not an early bird, when Col Vesper calls for an early morning action, he is ready!

PS: As always, big thanks go to all participants, you were amazing. The series gets better and better and not only for that we are grateful to @Vesper;)

PPS: Congrats to the tournament winner Krasty, our mate and friend and proud member of SMC team :)

Here you can find my corp list.