Program: Icebreaker - Fracter • Install: 4 • Memory: 1 • Strength: 3 • Influence: 3

Place 4 power counters on Cerberus "Lady" H1 when it is installed.

Hosted power counter: Break up to 2 barrier subroutines.

1: +1 strength.

"Its bytes are definitely worse than its bark." -Chaos Theory
Shaper • Liiga Smilshkalne • All That Remains 99
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Cerberus "Lady" H1
  • NAPD Most Wanted List - Level 1: Each copy of this card costs 1 universal influence, which is separate & in addition to the normal printed influence, and counts against all Identities influence limits, even those in the same faction. [MWL v1.2]


This nice Lady breaks Eli 1.0 for 1 credit, 4 times.

Isn't that enough? :-) And it's in the faction with all the tools to recur programs: Clone Chip, Test Run, Levy AR Lab access. Probably it's not enough to leave all the other fracters in the binder, but I can see a shaper deck that uses Lady as the primary fracter, tutoring a Snowball only if the corp has a lot of small barriers, as Wraparound and Ice Wall.

(Up and Over era)

At last, a reason not to play Corroder!

All the efficiency of a fracter breaker, without having to pay per subroutine.

If you're a Shaper deck, you now need good reason not to play this card.

NB: good reasons include "I don't want to have to use my recursion on my fracters, every time I've broken four barriers", "I would prefer to set up a long game rather than have an explosive attack" and "7 credits is still a lot to spend to make a 4-cost card break an Oversighted Curtain Wall".

The middle one's key. A lot of Shaper decks are set up for good long game. Lady Cerberus Dog's not conducive for this plan, alone. (Unless you're facing a barrier-light deck, a lot of Paper Walls, or Wraparounds with Atman back-up.) She's almost anti-synergistic with Magnum.

But not quite. And she will be great in a Chaos Theory rush style deck which wants to spend influence on Faeries and D4v1ds or things like Account Siphon, breaking barriers only on a crucial run.

Or, indeed, the upcoming Code Siphon. Use Cerberus to break through a couple of Elis on the way to installing your Battering Ram. (In this dream world, there's no such thing as memory constraints. Of course, with disposable breakers, you don't need to worry about this.)

As a 4 cost program you will actively want to trash, she's the best friend of Exile, or any other deck wanting to maximise Scavenge use.

This is one head definitely better than three: while Cuj.0's maybe worth playing, and Rex ... isn't really due to lack of multi-sub Code Gates and (in shaper) negligible advantage over Gordian Blade, you generally won't want to go full Dog Deck, for fear of overstretching recursion.

Still, Deus X, Sharpshooter and Lady are a nice package of "emergency" breakers to be tutored up with SMC, particularly in CT or Kit (if you don't have a codegate breaker out with her, you're doing it wrong).

(All That Remains era)

The single most efficient fracter in the game. It has limited uses, so it's best to have a backup or a way to "refresh" it (Scavenge or Test Run after trashing it). The influence cost is prohibitive to anybody but Shapers, but they're likely to get the most use out of it anyway.

(All That Remains era)
Combos extremely well with London Library. —
It does pair with the library except all the clicks that costs. —