Games don't need no Hedge Funds (2nd at Lockdown 12)

Humblejuggernaut 59

Huge props to Vesper for continuing to organise virtual Lockdown tournament paradise throughout the unending meatspace Lockdown hell. All the best to all the other Lockdown-ers, especially the champion Krasty.

Carried by a mysterious agent in the field.

Game plan is good 'ol SEA Scorched, with heavy commitment to establishing a credit differential. Subliminal has been a nice addition to get runners to run, to activate the taxing ice and SEA Source, even if only into Pop-up Window.

In retrospect I would highly recommend 1 or 2 Best Defense to catch the tech No One Home.

Free Lunch had some fun situations, and was included as a theoretically 4 credit swing, 3-to-rez-code gate...

This was certainly the less polished of the two decks so definitely keen for any inputs and recommendations.

2 Mar 2021 Jtfq99999

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