Dancing on the edge (Lockdown Dozen winner)

Krasty 416

This is corp deck I brought for Lockdown Dozen tournament, organized by @Vesper. So huge THANKS to him for organizing so nice series of tournaments!
For piloting this deck, you need to have only two skills:

  1. nerves of steel
  2. moves like "King of pop"
    Dancing on the edge
    (for playing IRL you need to have one more -> poker face)

I was playing this deck until Obo AND GFI was both released from MWL (Banlist 20.06 I thing). Results were probably 60% - 70% winrate. And it is not so bad!
Wincons are two: score out (not so often - like quater games, but possible) or kill (there are so many tools for that, but most used are "double Puni"). Which one you (try to) use depends on many things: which servers are runner checking? How often he is running? He is trying to grow money or build set-up? There are so many questions, you need to answer during a game. And if you find it, there is still difficult to find timeing for yours tricks. I have just one tip: when you Mushin anything, always try to advance it one more (to end up on 4 advancement tokens). About the calculating of risks, there is a nice write-up by @formerteen: I scored 7 points in 1 turn w/ mushin & made top 8 at worlds
During tournament I ended up on 4 wins (everyone was pure a brazen murder) and 2 looses.
Both looses happend by very good piloted "expose" monster: Masked Veteran created by Humblejuggernaut.
So after all, I need to say just... smooth criminal

After all I need to say one thing: I finaly recognize, that this ID will rotate soon, just from watching @Vespers video day after... lol but sad... :o)

This was my runner deck for this tournament: Good bye, ould friend

2 Mar 2021 Krasty

and of course I`m free to answer any questions...

3 Mar 2021 DonLoverGate

Beautiful goodbye to my favourite card.

Congratulations Krasty! Hope to see you again someday in Vienna.

4 Mar 2021 Longi

Go go Krasty, donĀ“t get rusty! :) Congrats my friend, yet another victorious day for SMC team :)