Good bye, ould friend (Lockdown Dozen winner)

Krasty 386

At the beginning, let`s sing some song...
...Time to say goodbye
Horizons are never far
Would I have to find them alone
Without true light of my own with you
I will go on ships over seas
That I now know
No, they don't exist anymore
It's time to say goodbye...

But.. wut?

Yeah! This shirtless hero will rotate very soon out of standard organized play. Sad but true! The ID which so many people loves, as much as so many people hates...

This "loosing of my hero" was one of reasons I grab him for Lockdown Dozen tournament, organized by @Vesper. So huge THANKS to him for organizing so nice series of tournaments!

Dirty Geist

And it ended up very well during a day -> 5 wins and just one loose which was just mistake on mulligan by my view. I beated same oponent twice later in top cut.

I think there is not so many to describe about piloting of this deck. So many was spoken, so many was written. Just to read true master aDumbBrick`s description. I thing he is real inventor of this kind of DaGeist deck even if I am useing this skater tool in my decks also.
My point of view about playing of this deck is simple: try to be as fast as possible at start of the game -> you will release the pure monster in middle and late game! And that is all about! :o)

This was my corp deck for this tournament: corp deck for Lockdown Dozen

2 Mar 2021 Krasty

and of course I`m free to answer any questions...

11 Mar 2021 manveruppd


We will never see his like again!