[TWA] Syncing Feeling 2.0 - Melbourne Regionals 1st Place

DonutTaganes 2548

This deck was adapted from the list that Wilfy, Jesse and Hollis played at Worlds 2016.

This iteration of our SYNC deck has a couple of changes. The first is Hortum, a powerful new anti-AI card that flat out locks out Eater and friends if you put in a bit of work. This single handedly won me 2 games against Siphon Whizz.

MCA Informant is crucial for dealing with Aaron Marron, the achilles heel of this deck. You MCA once you've scored 2 Breaking News and locked down the centrals a bit, so that it's harder for them to get more Aaron counters even if they have another one ready to go.

IP Block and Data Ward are two new NBN ICE that pair really really well with Data Raven. A server with a Raven on the outside and one of these two on the inside is a pain for the runner to get through, and it's a great way to lock down centrals early.