Faster Upgrades: Already established

Kaisarfaust 49

Rush Upgrades behind a solid ICE, use the NEXT tempo to get this scored as fast as possible. Use Elective to score your other agendas.

The deck I won with had 1 biotic and 1 archived memories. Changed up for consistency.

Cyberdex is good pressure v Freedom, Turtle and allows you to counter Clot with your fast advance.

24 May 2018 Skeletons

Wow, I really like Hive here, something I never considered for NEXT Design before. I'm definitely going to try that out!

26 May 2018 mrmjb

I was wondering why you use your restricted card on something you have only one of? On first glance it would seem to be better as a different one pointer and then free up your restricted slot for other stuff.

2 Jun 2018 Kaisarfaust

My 1 pointer down to card pool. l wanted to have a card that could slow the runner down some and had no there viable restricted cards - Estelle Moon doesn't do much and Mother Goddess while all right is just a more expensive Rainbow. I have up to SanSan, and all big boxes with Blood and Water and Blood Money as my only current data packs.

Going forwards I would probably swap it to a 3rd Field Test, Gila for the Econ, or false lead for the anti-tempo. And then make my restricted card a Fairchild (3.0?) Replacing a wall of static.

Rashida / NGO are also good cards to look at with this archetype.