Even Fairer PE

Highwire 1019

Updated list for the Uk Rankings Invitations final, which ended up placing 4th overall.

27 Dec 2017 hermes

Do you find Breached Dome that useful? I prefer 2 Clones ain't dudes in their place. IT serves as an alternative winning condition when you can't score that Obokata.

27 Dec 2017 hermes

Also, what would you take out for Gene Splicer?

24 Jan 2018 Syntax

I just changed a Celeb into a Premp, which is 3x some money. The deck performs great !

29 Jan 2018 Highwire

`@hermes It's used to discourage people using Archives to turn off your Shipments from Tennin and letting you only have to defend HQ/R&D, plus its fun to have more punishment for R&D digs, especially the old "I hit Dome and then Obo and now I can't steal it" sadface moments. I'd probably experiment with dropping either 1 Snare! or one PriSec for a Gene Splicer, but I haven't tested it myself yet.