Stealth'n Style 1.25

firesa 670

Ever changing stealth Andy. Put feedback filter back in since net damage has made some resurgence in our local meta. I have cut 1 kati but don't know how I feel about it yet. The HQ interface might also be unnecessary but we will see how this deck goes.

I am still unsure about daily casts vs dirty laundry. The big draw in this version are the two copies of career fair that make daily casts free, and make earthrise super cheap. Between clickless draw and econ, a 9 card opening hand, and visage + masanori + ST + desperado to ensure that everything you do is pure value, the deck should be good. I just don't know if I'll miss dirty laundry turn 1.

I also cut a silencer, I used to worry about finding enough, but the more comfortable you are with the deck the better you get at managing stealth resources. Cloak stays at 3 because it does tons of work, even when not using stealth breakers.

So Daily Casts v Dirty Laundry, Feedback Filter v Utopia Shard, where is room for another kati, and are career fairs worth it? Hopefully time will tell.

26 Apr 2015 konradh

I had three copies of Daily Casts in my shaper deck, but decided to take two copies of Symmetrical Visage instead. Works like charm. But if you want to play SV, isn't Earthrise Hotel antysynergic with it?

26 Apr 2015 GammaCodeX

Is plascrete necessary? that's a very meta dependant thing so im askings simply cause i don't know if you need it. I sure don't in my meta. So thats a possible slot for another kati if you want. I like Dirty over Casts, mainly cause of turn one, but also just cause it pays faster. It stacks just fine with the whole one run for epic value plan anyways.

HQI i might want traded for enhanced vision, though the cards do very different things i think well informed HQ runs are better than higher access volume when you get in. I could also be wrong in that though, or maybe it even depends on playstyle.

26 Apr 2015 sod_timber_wolf

I am still not completely sold in SV in stealth Andy (though I am trying it out myself ;) ). The more I use it, the more I am thinking that Mr. Lee does so much more for stealth, namely filtering cards so you get the cards you need at a certain time with out forcing the overdraw... Still undecided with him and SV and Earth Riss, though...

27 Apr 2015 firesa

thanks for the thoughts, everyone. I don't think there's really much anti synergy here, I have tested with 2 visage, 2 earthrise and a john masanori, and at that stage I felt I had too much draw, but you are not always going to see earthrise or visage or masanori etc, and the only one you'd want to see more than one copy of is indeed the earthrise. All of them are fairly good in your opening hand, and a combination of them is also ok, just need to learn to prioritize what card draw engine you want to use at a particular time based on game state.

I also feel I don't need masanori. Stealth is actually just not very slow in my experience. A good mulligan decision + plenty of money and draw, and some smart running with only some of your rig means you can put plenty of pressure on before you have all your breakers etc.

The one plascrete is the same as the one feedback filter, I probably could cut it but if I went to a large event of played on octgn I'd want it. Between drt nearpad, argus decks, and the prevalence of blue sun, it's not an unworthy include. Though indeed an easy one to take out for a kati if the meta allows for it.

I have gone back and forth on hqi. It seems like a steep investment but is generally reserved for the late game where my opponent needs to overdraw to break the r&d lock, or for the early game when they leave hq open, or for crazy turns where I install, legwork to see every card in their hand, and also check r&d for 2 or three cards, essentially showing me absolutely everything, often winning the game. Enhanced vision would be an interesting experiment, I might try it out. But I do like the idea of hq runs that generally increase my chances of winning

27 Apr 2015 firesa

and when I say I don't need masanori I mean mr. li