Stealth'n Style 1.1

firesa 670

Pretty happy with this list. Gets better the more you play it. It has a sense of inevitability as you build up your rig and represent constant pressure. And of course 9 card opening hands give you a pretty good opportunity to adjust your opening based on the speed/anticipated content of your opponent's deck.

Took a similar list to the sc I did manage to win (runner went undefeated in swiss and playoffs), and ran the same deck at the Stimhack store champs invitational where it went 5-2 (losing on 6 points to traffic accident + scorch out of NEH that had bluffed out a making news on a sansan, maybe my fault, and losing on 6 points v NEH that had bluffed out a 1-point agenda I sadly missed when hitting HQ, both games I was otherwise in control with R&D locks).

Biggest changes have been cutting a quality time for a second earthrise to allow for a utopia shard with the remaining influence, that card does a lot of work. It does slow down the deck a little bit, but you get sick openings of sure gamble earthrise test run and whatever else pretty often. Just lets you see so much of your deck early, and your pieces are all so cheap that a few economy cards offset the difference until your rig is up and running makes you money.

Obvious main plan is to set up your rig as fast as possible (2 silencer, 2 cloak, 1 refractor, 1 switchblade, 1 corroder, desperado, masanori, security testing) so that you can get in almost anywhere once set up. R&D interfaces offer an insane amount of pressure, and the efficiency of stealth breakers means you can make pretty easy money and not need to spend it on much.

Things to remember, you can use silencer credits on faerie, and cloak credits on all your icebreakers to save money.

Numbers on emergency shutdowns (currently none) and inside jobs may be adjusted based on meta you expect. If you expect a lot of blue sun, play more shutdowns. Same with the presence of breach, though it's nice to have a second barrier breaker just in case, not only for if you lose your first one, but also for early pressure to bash through cheap central barriers inc wraparound. The Inside job is nice in this deck since it is made better on R&D for example with the help of the interfaces late game. Also good for early pressure if your opponent thinks they can sneak out an agenda behind an ice because you don't have the right breakers.

Kati at 1 might be enough, but if you get kati out there early you can just draw and click up kati until your rig is done, and then you've got all the money you need. If I were to cut one kati I would probably add a security testing in its place. Kati is also only going to get better as corps slow down a little bit. Excellent v blue sun. Great in conjunction with earthrise hotel. Feedback filter can always come back in if net damage picks up again, but generally just play around it if you expect it.

You can't really afford to stay tagged, your resources are a pretty relevant aspect of your deck. That being said, if you have a second security testing in your hand, occasionally floating a tag for a turn if they have no money is fine. Good account siphon plays is how this deck can occasionally outright demolish.

Very fun, takes a bit of practice to get used to, but very fun. More and more fun as you get better at playing it.

15 Apr 2015 MikeJS

This is very similar to a deck that I run. Earthrise is a card I'm interested in adding, but can't find the space for it. If you get a chance, check out my deck and let me know what you'd cut.

I did a reasonable amount of testing and found 2x Faerie to be a little too much when you have 2x Switchblade and tutoring options. How have you found it?

15 Apr 2015 firesa

@MikeJS Heya, yeah I looked at your list, and I felt that 2 SOT + 2 emergency shutdown + 2 inside job just seemed excessive, and that there will likely be situations where your hand gets clogged with them. I'd prob cut one shutdown and one inside job, but your meta should prob decide that. The Sots are good since they can also be used for siphon spam. 3 ghost runner seems like a lot, I use them to use stealth breakers very early until I find cloak/silencer, but to each their own.

I will likely try one symmetrical visage instead of one of the earthrises. The worst thing about earthrise is that super steep initial cost, and you do feel it.

I have found 2 faerie and 2 switchblade to be good. Many people play 3 faeries I think. They are dispensable which is nice, and cheap, therefore great in your opening hand. 2 switchblade means that I find one sooner, and otherwise am ok if I lose one to net/meat damage (snares etc), will o wisp, aggressive secretary and the like. Not sure how I feel about your 2 desperado, I love that card, but as you wrote, it's availability. Generally agree with the points you made on your list otherwise ^^