Jinja Abuse 2.0 (Undefeated @ King of Servers)

Matuszczak 2077

A refined version of the Sports deck from the Nisei online tournament that went 5-0 in the King of Servers tournament. Definitely strong, but I did not dare play it in the main tournament believing (I still do) that world-class Apoc players should be able to beat it most of the time.

Hagens were an obvious oversight in the previous version, other changes are just more clearances to further accelerate the deck.

Building a scoring remote and pushing agends there is the top priority in most matchups, you only need central protection against the big threats (DoF, Stargate, Apoc) and Criminals.

3 Mar 2020 valerian32

Finally I found again this deck. I copied it long time ago and now I'm using it (changing the architect ice) and it has been fun! Thank you for sharing = D