🚭 - 4th at NZ Online Nationals 2023

Kror 50

This list is very close to the list Man in the Moon piloted to victory at intercontinentals and it tickled my fancy just enough that I decided I'd make a couple of changes just to make it a NCIGS nightmare.

Main change is swapping Federal Fundraising out for Urtica Cipher because deep down I'm a villain, and then because I feared running too low to the ground I dropped 3 more assets (Malia, 1x Wall to Wall and 1x Hostile Architecture) so I could fit in a suite of Hedge Funds.

I do not recommend this deck at all, it performed okay on the day but is very fragile. I did however manage to showcase how awkward Reconstruction Contract is with regard to NCIGs so I consider this overall a victory.

16 Sep 2023 HaverOfFun

Sheeeeeeeesh congrats! Can you sugarcoat the 'do not recommend' for me? Was gonna take it to nats :/

16 Sep 2023 Kror

I am deeply saddened to learn that my crimes against changes in game state will go undocumented because the VOD wasn't saved :(

16 Sep 2023 Inactivist

@KrorI documented them with my eyes. You'll be hearing from my lawyers.

16 Sep 2023 HaverOfFun

Damn and I thought Misdirection had rotated

16 Sep 2023 Inactivist

@KrorAlso great result today, I hope the court will take that into mitigation when they put you in space prison for hanging a point of influence.

16 Sep 2023 Kror

@Inactivist To be honest, the influence got lost in the last minute change for hedge fund and I kicked myself when I went to put the decklist into NRDB for this claim and saw that there was one unspent.

16 Sep 2023 Diogene

What does NCIGS means? Unless you are referring to the player with the same name in the tournament? In both case, I do not understand. Congratulation on placing 4th at NZ national. Cheers!

16 Sep 2023 Radiant

@DiogeneIt means "no change in game state"; see section 1.2.5 in the comprehensive rules.

18 Sep 2023 maninthemoon

Congrats @Krorwell done! I'm glad you were interested in playing the list 🤩 I've played around with Urtica Cipher and it's scary trick for sure! I would nerver put the Funds back in before the 3rd extract personally. ❤️ Happy to see the list getting more play time!

@HaverOfFunPart of the reason I haven't posted my write up is. . . I too would not recommend the list 😂 It was a good meta call for interconts as most of the runner decks were not well prepared for assets and it's a very complicated deck to beat on your first try. The deck is reasonably fragile if your opponent has prepared for it. But the deck is a lot of fun and if you enjoy that style of ob I would recommend playing around with it. I'd love to see how you can improve it and fit it to your own play style. I definitely think the archetype can and should be improved from what I played at interconts. Hopefully I can get around to posting my list soon 🙃

19 Sep 2023 KyraWNY

🥹 thanks kror for playing urtica 🥹

In all seriousness congrats on the placing <3

19 Sep 2023 Paillu

Welcome to Netrunner's premier villainous organization :3