Get Sifty Hayley (1st at Malaysian Nationals)

thearete 238

This is the runner deck which I used to win the Malaysian National Championship on 21 October. It went undefeated on the day with one timed win. Check the link for a write up of my corp deck.

So let’s begin with setting one thing straight; the core of this list belongs to @AnalyzeChris whom I had quite a few games with on Jnet, and we also had many great conversations regarding the deck. Given my predilection for Pitchfork Hayley, I felt the deck could fit my playstyle quite well (that is, when I don’t have an unstoppable urge to go all-in Siphon MaxX with 3 Amped Up and no Levy or any sort of damage protection). My experience in the past with playing Pitchfork led me to include cards like Stimhack, Scavange and Hunting Grounds, and together with @leburgan and @spags we worked on fine-tuning the list leading up to worlds.

Big props to both of them for tons of important suggestions and changes, and of course, big congrats on their fantastic performances last weekend. I know both of them share my love for Hayley which probably contributed to us being able to approach the list with the same kind of idea of what was needed for Hayley to be successful. Again though, running PIOT and Tapwrm as economy base to help speed up Hayley’s notoriously slow rig-setup was a brilliant call by AnalyzeChris and I think that’s the key to the deck. Running Levy over Film Critic or Clone Chip was also the right call by Chris, at least with this kind of build.

The list that I ran in Kuala Lumpur was accidently posted on NRDB before quickly taken down, and snapped up by some people, including @chaosjuggler who ran them same list – 1 Interdiction + 1 Laguna. Personally I quite like the interdiction as it stops Crisium, Ben, Sandburg and Batty on important runs (which is sort of what this deck does). It also helped me fight through a Turn 1 Scarcity against a Sol deck in my first round in the tournament. Although PIOT and Tapwrm does help a bit, I think we all saw in the World’s final how crippling an early Scarcity can be against the Queen of BS.

For a discussion on the card choices, I suggest you read Spag's write up as it’s probably the most thorough one out there. Additionally, anything that references Rick & Morty gets plus points in my book so I’m borrowing the deck name from him.

Other than that, there’s not much to add. Several players managed to have great success with similar lists at Worlds. Wifly however, with his impeccable play throughout the tournament, overshadowed the rest of the field and we can now look forward to a gorgeous full-bleed championship deck that, for once, might actually be legal when hitting the store shelves (go get dem full bleed Siftys ya’ll!)

12 Nov 2017 Dazzler

A great deck for the current CI infested meta.

12 Nov 2017 str4atman

Needs Heartbeat to handle pesky Contract Killers. :)

13 Nov 2017 spags

Lovely deck. Thanx for sharing!