Expelliarmus v5.0 (1-3 NQI)

GingercredMan 210

I've been trying to find a workable Los derez deck for a while now with mixed success. Shortly before the tournament I discovered @CodeMarvelous had put together a great write up for one centred around Rubicon Switch. The core combo is to get Rubicon and Keros out and force the corp to rez a piece of ice each turn. When you derez it you will have spent 4 creds less than them (thanks to Keros and Los) and you can grind away at their econ until they realise that there's little to no point rezzing any ice ever again. I've included a bunch of econ and card draw/filtering to try to accelerate to a point where this plan comes online, flip switches allow facechecks without a full breaker suite so you can get grinding while you're still setting up your breakers. Turning wheel lets you build towards deep R&D digs or HQ accesses while you're attacking the corp's econ using Rubicon.

My version of the deck is still very much a work in progress but it felt pretty good in most of my matchups, I think with some finessing and practice it could be a pretty sweet deck.