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Welcome to Los Keros Hernandos! The family friendly criminal organization where we siphon a different way!

Taste the resources

Instead of that terrible NPE of Account Siphon we grind you down inevitably over several turns using the combo of Los: Data Hijacker, Rubicon Switch, Hernando Cortez, and Keros Mcintyre.

The point of this build is to find some way to maintain credit swings in the runner's favor in a post siphon world.

Leading up to the tournament I noticed that post rotation, corp players were changing both their build and their play. They were breathing sighs of relief knowing that the couldn't be siphoned and built their decks with more expensive ice. They were expecting to have more operating capital and less ice destroyed. Well we can't have that, I wanted to leverage that false sense of security into power for the runner.

Lets go over the key combo and then I will dive into card choices and potential changes now that it has had a competitive outing.


This deck is built around running click 1-3, the corp rezzes a single ice, Los: Data Hijacker gives you 2c and Hernando Cortez costs them one addition credit per subroutine, you jack out without breaking if able, and then you derez with Rubicon Switch and gain 2c with Keros Mcintyre.

In this hypothetical if they rezzed a Hortium they spend a net of 3c and you spent effective zero to derez it because you gained 2c with Los: Data Hijacker and then 2 more Keros Mcintyre which covers the four cost of using Rubicon Switch.

So by repeating this combo every turn and using Emergency Shutdown and Maxwell James when you allow two or more ice to be rezzed (like when stealing an agenda), you can effectively grind the corp economy to nothing.

My opponents quickly realize that rezzing ice against me has almost no impact on my economy. The exception being that its an ice I have to break to avoid death or program trashing.

Eventually corps reach the point where they stop rezzing ice and get this look of "ha I will show you" and then I start getting free agendas out of HQ and RD.


We have a high number of tempo hits in the resource category so Career Fair x2 is a welcome coupon.

Sometimes you have to run, and when that happens you need to make sure the second ice doesn't escape your family friend siphon. Emergency Shutdown helps deal with that. It is also good for really expensive ice like Chiyashi that you don't want to use Rubicon Switch on.

Employee Strike is a quality current that deals with IG and AoT, two big enemies of this deck. It also clears Scarcity of Resources which is nightmarish for this deck.

Sure Gamble you have to finance your restaurant some how.


"But Code why do you have 3x Rubicon Switch? you could probably get away with 2x?" I have three because "probably get away with it" does not win games, having my combo early in the game does. Every ice that stays rezzed reduces the chances of me winning and gives the corp an actual tax against me.

That is not to say that I never leave ice rezzed, you need to evaluate your economy at that time. I frequently leave ice I can break cheaply, like enigma, on the table because I can then ride it around with Inversificator.

My 2x The Gauntlet is the card I am most on the fence about. I used it to great effect in practice and then installed it zero times in the tournament. Against stronger opponents they stop rezzing central ice and just try to rush more rapidly. In that situation gauntlet is usually just a mem chip. Heading into worlds I will be testing alternate consoles and HQ multi-access.


Even without the instant speed tags floating around Aaron Marrón is just a value card that provides a lot of free stuff that you can always use.

Aeneas Informant was added at the recommendation of a friend and I think I got maybe three triggers over the course of the tournament. I think similar to Smoke I have to accept that my clicks are spent elsewhere and I won't leverage this card. These two cards will become another Maxwell James and another Emergency Shutdown.

The moose is loose! Bloo Moose is a no brainer in a deck where you recur zero cards. Everything that ends up in the heap is RFG ready.

3x Daily Casts pad my early game where I am setting up the combo with money to break a rush remote.

Earthrise Hotel provides clickless draw which is critical in a deck where I need two clicks to fire my combo, one to run and one to Emergency Shutdown or use Rubicon Switch.

Hernando Cortez is the MVP of his deck in the mid to late game. Those smug corps, riding high on their piles of credits. Time to bring them back down to earth. Paying 9 instead of 6 for FC3 is not insignificant, especially when I am derezzing for 6 or maybe 0. Paying 15 for Chiyashi isn't either. The numbers are miserable for most of the big ice that Corps are counting on and it brings their economy back down to below 10c quickly.

Keros Mcintyre is the other half of our rez-->derez combo. He provides the discount on the back end that makes it an economic swing in our favor. He is an equal partner in the positive experience siphon franchise.

Maxwell James can derez ice that was just rezzed so you could make 4c just for running HQ earlier in the turn. Great value and an effective tool at getting past gear check or huge ice early. He becomes potent when corps give up on rezzing ice on centrals, you run HQ first click, they let you in, then you install Maxwell and run the remote.

In this build Rosetta 2.0 did a ton of work for me. I want to be able to get Equivocation when I need it or when I want to force them to rez ice. However, the most important reason to run Rosetta is that if I see Aumakua hate I can remove it from my programs and get some value for that. I can turn Aumakua into a 6 cost Femme Fatale or whatever primary breaker I don't have.

Temüjin Contract is a card that exists and gets better when people don't rez ice.


Aumakua can save you money breaking ice when people give you free accesses on centrals. It is quite good in this build as a back up / late game breaker.

Femme Fatale is real good for things like tollbooth and data raven that you don't have great way of dealing with in this deck. It is also super great as a surprise with Rosetta 2.0 and Cache. I stole two agendas in the tournament using a high speed femme to get past something big on the remote.

Inti may seem like a strange include when I already have Paperclip. What I found during testing was that corps are trying to rush now that they don't have to worry about Account Siphon. In that case, paying 5c to put down clippy to break a vanilla or other flimsy barrier could often put me into Hard Hitting News range in the early and mid game. To that end, I added Inti because it deals with small barriers and wraparound for a 0c install. It also acts as redundancy against Skorpios and can be fed to Rosetta 2.0.

Inversificator is probably the best decoder in the game and to keep the family friendly siphon economical I need to be playing the most efficient breaker available, period. It also lets me ride cheap code gates around and forces them to rez fresh ice in the late game.

Mongoose See above description of Inversificator - the part about moving ice.

Paperclip is the best fracter in netrunner, you can get it at instant speed out of the heap, and it only fears being trashed by Skorpios. It is a great breaker and perfect tool for the late game.

Cache is no brainer money that is low cost to put down, helping you recover from big runs. It also is Rosetta 2.0 food that helps you find breakers and Equivocation. It also fills up you MU for purposes of Cortex Lock.

Equivocation is your strong RD pressure that forces ice rezzes in the late game and lets the combo continue so you can farm money while getting accesses. It also can flood the corp making HQ more nutrient rich as they are forced to hold agendas and discard tools.

So that is the deck, give it a go, it only dropped a single game to my own recklessness against SYNC.

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You can find me testing the deck HERE

17 Sep 2017 R2-DTAT

Try Doppleganger

17 Sep 2017 Grimwalker

I feel like on general principle your draw engine should be Drug Dealers but that's a bad idea.

17 Sep 2017 CodeMarvelous

@R2-DTAT it's something I am def gonna test

@Grimwalker yea that's a bad idea lol

17 Sep 2017 romanoSoprano

How about The Turning Wheel?

17 Sep 2017 CodeMarvelous

@romanoSoprano that is something we discussed on the car ride home, definitely an option

17 Sep 2017 HiggsBozo

If you often jack out after encountering ice, Reflection seems like a better fit for your game-plan than The Gauntlet.

4 Oct 2017 captaindrift

What would you change to make MWL 2.0 legal?