The Process - Murder RP

percomis 1116

Not sure why no one has posted a version of this yet (or maybe I just didn't find it), but it's the asset based murder RP from Posting it for ABR claiming rights.

4 Feb 2021 Odol

That's exactly the list I was looking for, thanks @percomis! Just out of curiosity - was Malia Z0L0K4 a part of this list at any stage?

5 Feb 2021 scd

Oh I like this. I like this very very much.

6 Feb 2021 Krasty

I think, I am playing this list for ages (with changes depent on current meta). But I was never be enough satisfied to publish it, I think...

I have one question: are really Campaigns better than Temples ?

@Odol: at my side, Malia as a on-off is almost useless and with 3 copies are too much. But yeah, I cutted one Marilyn for DBS and it is much better choise...
also IMHO -> with one spare influ is good to include some Indexing or Medium warrior ... I`m trying Crisium Grid with various success...