Pulse Control - 1st @ Genova GNK 2023

koga 1669

Updated version of my Joji Reference list, now with even more cool skateboard tricks.

I decided to trade an Anoetic Void and a Sprint for a 2nd Gaslight and SimReset. I sometimes found myself holding a bunch of cards I didn't need and often with more than 6 cards in hand. Both changes allow you to have an even easier time finding Seamless when you need it, with the added benefit of easily fixing bad hands.

The hardest agenda to push is very often the first one, but the remote lock lategame is real. A CSS click or a Load Testing (I know, lol) easily makes your Ikawah unstealable with Pulse + Border. Even if that's not the case, you can sometimes easily jam 2 agendas in different servers and the runner has to let you have one, there's just no time to check everything.

Load Testing is there because I sometimes found myself without anything great to pull with Gaslight to close the game if Seamless was in hand already. This is a soft wincon card at least. It's also janky and overall not crazy good, which helps sell the idea you have a technically unstealable agenda in the remote when it's actually not.