Tick Tock Asa (is that a Joji reference??)

koga 1330

This is the corp I'd play at the Circuit Breaker Invitational if I had the time to.

Hah, get it?

This is meant to be a heavily click taxing deck and, like my PTSD Alice list, it still has a lot of room for growth, but also already works pretty well as is. The runner is required to handle all of their resources carefully or else you might just get away with the game pretty easily. Pulse + Border can be genuinely gross on the remote, especially if you manage your ice rezzes well early in the game. Forcing the runner to spend 5 credits on Skunk is amazing when big Broccoli decks run for pennies. Clicks can also be an issue for Wu sometimes, as can be playing vs multiple remotes with Mayfly or facing punishing 5 strength sentries in the first few turns. Maybe cutting a Nico for a third Skunk is correct, but I've never been the one playing perfect lists anyway. Gaslight is also a sick 4th copy of Seamless / FLOP and a 2nd one would be great.

Have fun and let's see what happens when the new banlist eventually drops :)